Doma Leather Jacket is Synonymous with Fashion and Style

Doma Leather jacket has set new benchmarks for fashion industry. This internationally famous brand boasts of elite patrons like Nicky Hilton, Ashley Benson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, and Cheryl Cole. Such stylish divas are often spotted in casual clothes that are transformed into classy attire because of one addition, i.e., Doma leather jackets. Like other leather jackets, Doma leather jackets are primarily created to keep people warm. But unlike other leather jackets, these jackets can be worn even in other seasons.

Cool Mens Doma Leather Bomber Jacket

About Leathers and Doma Leather Jackets

Leather made from sheep’s or lamb’s hide does not tear easily, making it one of the best materials for making motorcyclists’ jackets. Washed lamb leather and vintage leather are used to make Doma leather jackets. The quality of leather used to make Doma jackets is what makes it superior to other leather jackets. Leather’s quality and flexibility depends upon the processes that it is subjected to. The processes involved are liming, fleshing, splitting and tanning. Hide can get damaged during any of these processes. Splitting determines its thickness since any remaining flesh is removed during this process. After such removal of flesh, it is important that the thickness of the hide should be uniform. The leather in Doma jackets is of the right quality which makes it light and flexible. All such jackets from Doma have internal lining, which is usually cotton blended with 20 percent polyester or acetate. Unlike many other leather jackets in the market the shell of Doma jackets is made from 100 percent authentic leather. Internal jerseys worn with such shell may have removable hood. Some these leathers may also be crinkled. All such leathers used to make Doma leather jackets are soft.

Khaki Doma Leather Jacket

Doma Leather Jacket Varieties

Varieties of leather jackets from Doma include Moto jackets, which as the name suggests are for motorcyclists. These have characteristic multiple pockets. These also have more buttons, and possibly a side zip instead of front zip. Such jackets invariably have full sleeves. People can also find blouson jackets, with figure hugging stitching, full sleeves, and larger or smaller collars. There are domo leather coletes as well, which are jackets that don’t have sleeves. Many people prefer Doma leather bomber jacket. There are asymmetric varieties as well, which basically have zips that run diagonally for closing the jacket. The large collars in such variety look strikingly beautiful. Some of the Doma jackets may have shorter elbow length sleeves, or sleeves that can be held back at the elbow with some fastening arrangement, usually with zips. Contemporary coloring processes have made it possible to create new varieties such as Doma red leather jacket, Doma green leather jacket, and Doma off white leather jacket. There are cropped and pleated blue colored Doma leather jackets as well, which are of the same shade as faded blue jeans.

Sexy Womens Doma Red Leather Jacket

Embellishments on Doma leather Jacket

The popularity of leather jackets has encouraged many designers to create a unique look by adding embellishments. Doma jackets are well known for these, which is why they are a favorite choice for the above mentioned high profile personalities. Doma leather jackets are usually adorned with;

  • Zips, buttons, and pockets

These are often exposed and made from metals which are usually made from brass or other good quality metal. The difference in color makes them look striking. In many of Doma leather jackets, however, such difference is underplayed. Many of these jackets have front zips for closing them. Metallic buttons are provided on the top to fasten the collars near the neck in. In Moto jackets, more of such buttons may be added near the collar merely to adorn the jacket. Pockets may be welt pockets, hip pockets, and even sleeve pockets. It is also possible to find vertical pockets on chest in Moto jackets. Unlike in the past, the current trend is to have hip pockets that are stitched on top of the jacket in the shape of the front of hand. Good quality metal zips are used to close all such pockets as well. The buttons used on such jackets may have the word Doma engraved on them.

  • Collars, belts, and buckles

Some jackets may have larger collars whereas others may have smaller ones. Styles vary according to the jacket selected. Some of these jackets have goat hair trim for collars, which can be removed. Others may have sweater collars. Some may have shoulder lapels with buttons on them. Belts, loops, and buckles are often provided around waist on some of the shorter varieties such as Doma Moto jackets.

  • Cuffs, sleeves, and shoulders

Designers can stitch folds at cuffs and pads made prominent with folds at shoulders to make the jacket stand out. Such quilting is quite common in Doma leather jackets. Sleeves may even be puffed around shoulders. At times, pockets with zips may be found here as well. Most of the jackets from Doma have full sleeves though cropped sleeved varieties are available. Sleeves have zips moving up from wrist.

  • Hems and stitching

Stitching on Doma’s leather jackets emphasizes the femininity of the lady with neatly stitched darts giving the appropriate shapes. Stitching of seams is prominent and forms part of the styling incorporated in these jackets. Hem lengths vary as per the design selected.

  •  Hoods

The internal jerseys made from cotton blends usually have hoods which can be removed. Doma hooded leather jacket with such detachable hoods is popular amongst celebrities.

Cool Womens Doma Hooded Leather Jacket

Fashion and Doma Leather Jacket

Fashion dictates that leather jacket be worn with plain shirts or loose shirts. Leather jackets blend well with jeans as well. Tops that are used along with Doma leather jackets are usually short, but these jackets look good even on slightly longer tops. It is also possible to combine some of these jackets with dresses, including maxis and skirts. In general, these jackets look good with sweatshirts and tees. They are often worn without zipping when it is too hot to close the front zip.

The reason is simple as to why it is recommended that plain shirts should be worn inside a leather jacket. The leather material itself is already a thing of beauty, which means, it can stand out on its own. By wearing printed shirts inside, the attention is divided from the jacket to the shirt. Remember that leather apparels are considered as classic look, which means that minimalism is good to go. However, you can still wear shirts with small prints, just make sure that they are not too wild and collide with the jacket.

Doma leather jackets literally make human beings comfortable in lamb’s skin. Because of their quality and styling these are higher end products. Therefore, these are usually costly jackets. Most of these are priced around $600 to $800, but there are varieties that would cost almost $1300. Doma leather jackets are available for both genders. However, don’t be discouraged of its price tag. They are worth every penny once you own one because you are assured that it can last for years with minimum effort in its caring maintenance. It is a very good investment that can bring your wardrobe to another level. If you are not convinced, then the celebrities wearing them should prove that it has the x factor that you have been looking for.